“I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it.” – Alexander Sattler

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One of the amazing things about travel is the opportunities you will encounter to be involved in other peoples lives. You share your talents and they share thier food, thier lives and their house. 

If you need a jump start to that aim there are several fine organizations to aid you in that quest. The purpose of the organizations is to help build world peace, goodwill and understanding by providing opportunities for personal contacts among people of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.

American Gap Year

Gap Years are more than for students who aren't "ready for college." And while many bonafide Gap Year students are indeed either burnt out of traditional academia or simply not clear about what they want from four years at university, the impression that a Gap Year is not a precursor to college is simply false: indeed, within one year of completed a Gap Year, 90% of students are actively enrolled in a four-year institution. The earning potential, educational benefits, and access to higher education's resources are very obviously in the benefit of any student who avails themselves of a higher education - and thus you'll find that almost every Gap Year educator is highly encouraging and supportive of students to benefit from their time away, but ultimately to find their way back to a university education.

Meet Plan Go!

Looking for inspiration and ‘how-to’ advice regarding career break planning and travel? We’ve got it for you online and in person! At Meet, Plan, Go! we are leading the career break movement in North America; encouraging and teaching others how to travel the world and have it be beneficial to your career. We envision a world where the term ‘career break’ is a part of your overall career strategy. On Meet, Plan, Go! • You’ll MEET like-minded, supportive people in person and online. • Get tools and tips to PLAN your career break travels. • Find inspiration to GO by hearing other career breaker’s stories.