because sometimes it’s just time to go.



One of the amazing things about travel is the opportunities you will encounter to be involved in other peoples lives. You share your talents and stories and they share their food, their lives and as Rita says, the minutes of their lives. There are several great organizations that will help you make these contections here are just a few...

Peace Through Travel and Hosting

Checkout - The purpose of this group is to help build world peace, goodwill and understanding by providing opportunities for personal contacts among people of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities. Servas promotes trust, tolerance, open-mindedness and respect, so that people can live in peaceful coexistence. Our members value understanding of different cultures, gender equality and diversity in ethnicity, ideology, sexuality and nationality.

Volunteer Your Way Around the World

Workawayers typically volunteer 4-5 hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation, with visits lasting anywhere from a few days to a few months. Travel cheaply and stay for free, whilst making a difference to the communities you visit. Put your existing skills to good use, or try something new you‘d never normally get to do and pick up new skills along the way. There is an ever growing list of 1000s of active hosts in over 130 countries offering all kinds of places to stay.