because sometimes it’s just time to go.


If you have worked for 30 or 40 or 50 year and said “well that was fun (or other words beginning with “f”), now what? This is the place for you.

  • If having unique and interesting experiences is important to you we are kindred souls.
  • If your goal is to do what you love as much as possible and work as little as possible you have landed in the right spot.
This site is dedicated to the conversation about working to live as opposed to living to work. It underscores the declaration that everything changes the day you figure out you only have time for the important things. It is for people who realize that:
  • learning doesn’t stop when you leave school
  • that experiences are more valuable than stuff and
  • that beyond the basic needs more money and stuff won’t make you happier
It’s for people who have the sneaking suspicion that there is more to living than what is contain in the life they have crafted for themselves to this point. Though these ideas are not exclusive to any age they are frequently thought to be the dominion of the young. In other words; those who have yet to take on the “full” responsibility of an adult life; with the luxury to live carefree and whimsically. This site is here to endorse the idea that they are noble and worthwhile ideals at any age but vitally important after three or four decades of working and raising a family not only for the fulfillment of that individual but for the benefit of the larger society . It is designed to validate these feelings if you have them and encourage you to explore them if you don’t. This is a place for people who are asking what’s next or what else or what if? It is a place for those that feel that their talents and ability to contribute is not limited to their roles in a family dynamic nor by the confines of a job description. It is a place for people who want to know what the possibilities are, who is doing interesting things, where they are doing it and how they came to be doing it. This is for people who understand how to learn from someone else’s experience and are eager to add to that pool of knowledge. It is a place to share ideas and ideals, to meet doers and thinkers, to co-create and collaborate on adventure. In short it is a place for those amongst us who are driven by curiosity and not afraid to engage life as a verb.

by Daniel Burg

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