because sometimes it’s just time to go.


High school is a time when people start wanting to expand their horizons and start seeing more of the world. As our society becomes increasingly global, it seems like people are setting their sights on international borders earlier and earlier. If your hometown is starting to seem small, a travel program might be just what you need to stretch your boundaries and satisfy your wanderlust. These programs give you the chance to go beyond the basic touristic travel experience while still giving you a satisfying break from school. Instead of spending summer or spring break re-watching the best episodes of your favorite TV show, you can be exploring new lands and gaining an international perspective on the world.

from the Go Over Seas Website

Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways is a pioneer in providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in some of the world’s most welcoming countries. Rustic Pathways demands professionalism and integrity across all of its operations, insists on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places the safety of its students above all other considerations.

Walking Tree Travel

Our mission is to inspire individuals to become global citizens by taking an active interest in the world around them. We hope to achieve this goal by providing unforgettable programs filled with challenging and enriching adventures.